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Author: workonlineViews: 471 | Comments: 0 | Date: 05 May 2021 15:54
No Frills Prize Draw is a simple customisable prize draw/competition/contest engine.

You can create a variety of different competition types, including:
– Single line entry
– Multiple choice entry
– Prize draws with correct answers, open answers or no answer
Customise your prize draw to allow members OR none-members. Include your own terms and conditions.
View all the entries, you can also export the data as a csv file.
No Frills Prize Draw will automatically pick a winner when requested. Prize draws with no answers allow the admin to manually select a winner if preferred.
The competition entry page can be placed anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode.
The front-end style is stripped back, allowing the web developer to customise the way it looks using standard CSS styles. Simply copy the basic styling code in /no-frills-prize-draw/css/style.css, paste in to your theme’s css file and make any necessary amendments. All prize draw fields are exported with simple class names to assist in simple css styling.
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