eTrafficLane Social Marketing Traffic Exchange


1) Looking for an advertising system?
We also offer an advertising system to send more traffic to your websites daily.
2) How do I earn cash?
You will earn $2.00 for every active referral under you, also exchange coins for cash.

3) Can I exchange my coins for cash?
Sure, we are paying $1.00 for 1500 coins at this time, just use our coin exchanger.
4) Do I have to be a paid member to earn cash?
No, anyone can earn and make withdrawals without having a VIP Membership, just add the requested amount witch is $10. VIP Memberships is just for extra services, as a VIP Member full withdrawals are based on the added funds within your account. Free or coin paid VIP memberships aren't allowed to make full withdrawals. Free Memberships or Coin Paid VIP Memberships are to use their earnings on advertising and other items on site.
5) Are there any bonuses?
Yes, we have Daily Bonuses.
You have to like / follow / subscribe at least 60 pages to claim your daily bonus!
6) Like Pages Closing To Fast?
If you have a page popup were you have to like a page to receive your coins and the page closes to fast to log in, log into the YouTube or Facebook account first in another tab or browser then just click your like buttons within your members area.
7) PayPal fees?
From now on we won't send any payments as a service so PayPal won't charge our members fees.
8) What happens when I report a website?
If you report a website that we feel has violated a rule, you will be rewarded with 1000 free coins and the reported website will be deleted.
9) What are the coin transfer rules?
Transferring coins from one account to another to withdraw isn't allowed!
If you are caught doing this your account will be banned, no questions asked.
Our coin transfer system is to be used for advertising only.
10) Blackjack Coins?
Blackjack and Virool Videos are being worked on.
11) Surf timer changes time on different sites?
The surf time is based on CPC, time will be Cost Per Click x 10.
If your site has 1 credit added to your site, your site will be seen for 10 second.
If your site has 4 credits added your site, your site will be seen for 40 second, and so on.
12) Why can't I add my old url address and it has been deleted?
Muiltuple videos or advertising playing at the same time on any given one site will be banned!
13) Can I make a withdrawal to another email address?
Signup email address and PayPal email address must be the same when requesting a withdrawal.
14) I do not have any funds to make a deposit?
Sign up here:
Complete your 1.0 credit at the site and we will allow you to make a withdrawal up to $20 to get you started.
15) Error when adding YouTube video?
When adding a YouTube video, make sure your video has at lease 1 like before trying to add your video to our system.
16) Payment Proof Upload?
All member are required to upload a proof picture of payment received via PayPal, Payza or whatever is acceptable. Pictures proof will be delayed if rejected more than twice.

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