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Author: workonlineViews: 501 | Comments: 0 | Date: 05 May 2021 15:53
Do you want to get more viral traffic and social shares? Look no further than Locker Cat.
Our social locker lets you hide content (text, videos, images, download links) from your visitors, until they share it on social media.
This works insanely well. Even though you work your butt off to craft quality content, you probably only get a handful of shares on your posts. It boils down to incentives – generally your readers have no reason to share your content.
This plugin – Social Locker & Content Locker – Locker Cat – solves this problem. Simply wrap your content inside of our [lockercat] shortcode, and your visitors will be required to share it in order to unlock it.

Here’s an example:
[lockercat]My locked content[/lockercat]

You can add this shortcode anywhere on your WordPress site, including your Posts and Pages.
Social lockers are a highly effective way to maximize your social shares and get more viral traffic.
Here are some ideas on how you can use a social locker to get more shares:
Give away bonus content, such as videos, images or whitepapers.
Partially hide blog posts from your readers

In less than 2 minutes, Locker Cat lets you add a beautiful, viral social content lock to your site. Instead of adding every single feature under the sun, we’ve kept out bloat and made a simple, but effective social locker WordPress plugin.
Key features include:

Optimized for conversions. You’ll get more social traffic, guaranteed.
Beautiful & modern design. Our social locker is designed by professional user interface designers. No more look & feel from 2009.
Facebook share to unlock
Tweet to unlock (“pay with a Tweet”)
SEO Friendly. Content hidden by our social locker is still visible to search engines.
Blazing Fast. Locker Cat is super fast and does not slow down your site.
Cookies. We remember when a user shares a locker (using cookies), so they don’t have to share previously unlocked content again.
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