Drake Says 'Free Meek Mill' During Boy Meets World Concert


‘Free Meek Mill’

11/19/2017 1:32 PM PST

Drake seems to have buried the hatchet with Meek Mill — at least for now — ’cause even HE wants his archenemy out of prison.

Drake was performing in Melbourne, Australia Sunday for his Boy Meets World Tour when he took a moment to shout out a fan who was wearing a “Free Meek Mill” shirt.

Drake echoed the sentiment by saying, “Free Meek Mill too, man. For real” … to which the audience roared in approval. 

The words are pretty powerful coming from Drake — who, as you know, has had a long-lasting beef with Meek that seeped into this year … despite Rick Ross trying to squash it.

Seems like much of the hip-hop community agrees on this one thing … old feuds be damned. 

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