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Looking for a legitimate work from home sales job? Go to may be the perfect at home sales job opportunity for you. Watch through the video, comment, like, share and then get ahold of us to get started!

What Be Found does:
Be Found is a comprehensive internet marketing firm that is looking for independent sales representatives that are wanting top at home sales jobs. We offer our client’s great internet marketing that get’s them real results and real growth. Our services range from monthly seo and website design to social media management and integrated marketing. We are based out of Kansas City and have a very strong and established presence and client base. We currently have independent sales representatives that are doing sales jobs from home all over the United States. This is a great and legitimate sales from home opportunity that has a foundation on a proven quality product and successful independent sales reps.

No Fees or Commitment
There are no fees or commitments with this work from home sales job. You work as much or as little as you want with no financial or time obligation to us. If you are going to be successful as an independent sales rep, you are going to need to invest some of your time. But, how much time you invest or when you take days off is entirely up to you. And, once you make the sale, Be Found manages the client 100% so you don’t have to worry about managing any of the client’s you’ve signed on.

Make Great Money
You will have the opportunity to make great money with our home based sales jobs. Our pay structure pays out very well for new client signs ons as well as residual monthly pay for every single client you’ve ever signed on. Whether you’re wanting to make an extra $500 a month doing part-time sales work from home or you’re wanting to work towards making $10,000 a month doing this as your primary income, Be Found might be the game changer you’ve been looking for.

Be Your Own Boss
You won’t be answering to a boss because you’ll be your own boss. As an independent work at home sales rep, you’ll be calling the shots. You’ll be making your schedule. You’ll be determining your vacation days, your sick days, your weekends and more. If you’re looking to break free from the cubicle, this is one of the best work from home sales opportunities you are going to find. Break free from the punch in punch routine and be your own boss with this work from home sales job opportunity.

Business are in Desperate Need
Here’s the best part, business owners are in desperate need of quality internet marketing. These days, everyone is going online to find what they are looking for. For a company to succeed in this new digital age, they need to Be Found online. This is the most legitimate and best work at home sales job because you’re selling a quality product that is not only in high-demand but is a necessity for businesses to succeed. And, Be Found has a proven track record of making our clients really successful in even the most competitive of markets. With this work at home sales job, we’ll tell you where you can connect with these business owners, then you sign them up, and then our operations team manages the clients while you continue to collect income every month thereafter.

We’re Here For Your Success
Our work from home sales success team is continually working to make you successful. Whether that be with your personalized independent sales rep dashboard, webinars, trainings, conference calls or personal contact, we are here to help you succeed. We’re are constantly working on giving you the tools to stay equipped, motivated and successful with your home based sales job. We are very passionate about our clients success and we are very passionate about your success. Be empowered and successful with your home based sales job.

Start Today
Start your work from home sales job today and start working towards your goals in life. Simple go to, fill out the form and we’ll get you started. You’ll get your own personalized dashboard that is filled with tools and resources to make you successful. Whether you want to do this on the side for a little extra money or you want to make a six figure income doing this as a primary work at home sales business, Be Found can help you. Don’t wait, start your work from home sales job today!



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