Woodstock 50 Scores Financial Backer and Back On Track

Woodstock 50

Back On Track

… We $cored a New Financial Backer!!!

5/17/2019 11:05 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

cultureWoodstock 50 is back on track after a legal victory helped it land a new partner and pump life back into the festival.

Oppenheimer & Co. has signed on to secure funding for the festival. A well-placed Oppenheimer source with knowledge tells TMZ, “We will gain financing from our clients and funds in the company.” Translation … some clients who invest with Oppenheimer will have a new addition to their portfolio … Woodstock. We’re told there will probably be other funding from other sources, but Oppenheimer is a game changer.

Another Oppenheimer source tells us … the company has already ID’d some investors who will participate in the funding.

The news comes on the heels of a legal victory for W50 in which a judge put the brakes on Dentsu — the previous financial backer — attempting to cancel the event. As we reported … a judge tentatively ruled Dentsu did not have authority to cancel the event. 

The organizer, Michael Lang says … “We look forward to putting on an incredible festival” and adds that he’s incredibly appreciative of Oppenheimer for “joining with us to make W50 a reality.”

Tickets are not on sale yet, and there are obviously still a lot of kinks to work out, but as of now … the festival is scheduled for mid-August.

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