Lil Peep's Online Merch Sells Out Hours After Death

Lil Peep

Fans Obliterate Rapper’s Merch

… But There’s a Big Problem

11/17/2017 12:50 AM PST

Exclusive Details

Lil Peep‘s entire online store was cleaned out by fans hours after his death … and those lucky enough to get their clickers on some gear from suppliers could be waiting a long, long time.

Peep was was found dead on his tour bus Wednesday of a suspected OD and his fans flocked to the rapper’s online store and other retailers for mementos. 

Most of the merch was scooped up immediately and some of those who scored merch were notified shipments would be significantly delayed. From what we’re hearing, they don’t have the inventory and are scrambling to make good on the orders. 

As for what was sold … posters, hats, hoodies, windbreakers, t-shirts, and other stuff ranging from $30 to $60.

Fan loyalty never dies.

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