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In 2018, dental clinics will need a strategic marketing approach to retain old customers and acquire new ones.

Follow these basic principles:

1. Every dental clinic should have a website. Give social media users a central place to find you. Build legitimacy. Have a site that loads fast and converts users into customers.

2. Produce relevant content

85% of website traffic starts with a search. If your clinic can answer genuine questions, people will find you.

3. Stop self promoting

There are too many adverts around and people are tuning out. Create information people need.

4. Pay attention to reputation management.

Many people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Solicit reviews and turn your online profile into a selling point.

5. Use Social Media

Social media is here to stay. Keep customers up to date and cultivate new ones.

6. Don’t forget SEO

An optimised website makes a difference. Pay attention to technical, on-page optimisation factors, content creation, link outreach etc. If you can’t do it yourself, then outsource.

7. Paid traffic is waning

People are burned out by advertising, so why stress them even more? Google AdWords is competitive and expensive. Facebook ads are cheaper, but overall engagement is down.

8. Too much content

The internet produces more content than people can consume. Don’t overload your audience with spam.

9. Mobile users are key

Mobile traffic accounts for 65% of time spent online. Develop with mobile users in mind.

10.Build a Google map listing

Set up an optimised map listing. Get real reviews. Put up real images. This will become the heart and soul of your local ranking engine.


There are 4 aspects to focus on in for dental clinic web marketing in 2018:

1. Content must be useful.

2. Social media should be part of your strategy.

3. Produce content optimised for mobile, not desktop.

4. Build a local presence with a Google map listing.


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