Byron Scott to Kobe: Congrats On Oscar Nod, People Deserve 2nd Chances

Byron Scott To Kobe:

Congrats On Oscar Nom

… People Deserve 2nd Chances

1/25/2018 12:10 AM PST


Byron Scott is ecstatic his old teammate Kobe Bryant was nominated for an Oscar — and tells TMZ Sports he hopes people celebrate Mamba because people deserve 2nd chances in life.

Questions have been raised about how Kobe will be received at the Academy Awards on March 4 by a Hollywood crowd that’s been cracking down on stars accused of sexual misconduct.

Obviously, Kobe has sexual misconduct allegations of his own in his past — but Scott says he hopes people are able to forgive Kobe and let him move forward with his life. 

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody deserves a second chance.”

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