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Top 10 Employee Engagement Software Platforms in 2020

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Cecilia McKenney

Eighty percent of senior-level business leaders recognize that employee involvement is critical to achieving their objectives, and companies with highly employed employees are 21 percent more profitable and 20 percentage more productive. However, a recent study discovered that simply 19percent of employees are “very involved, ” and while 83 percent of HR managers feel all parties decisions should be based on data, exclusively 37 percent application data for that determination. Start engaging your employees and turn to data insights with the privilege hire commitment software.

Employee engagement software promotions jobs boost work participation while improving the employee and client event. Employee engagement solutions are often software-as-a-service( SaaS) platforms that are chosen by HR departments and implemented — with HR’s guidance — by directors, IT, the C-suite, and other members of the organization.

Here are 10 work participation software scaffolds that can make a big impact across your organization.

1. Achievers ListenAchievers Listen

One of the primary factors of employee engagement is whether your organization compiles and — more importantly — acts on employee feedback. Sixty-four percent of HR and involvement masters agree that an always-on feedback tool is essential to an date planned, but exclusively 20 percent have this kind of tool in place. According to Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workforce Scientist at Achiever, “employees who feel’ heard’ by rulers are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work, ” so it’s “critical that we give hires different ways to provide feedback.” Identifying how to respond quickly to employee feedback is key as well, because the longer it makes for employees to see action, the more dissatisfied they’ll get.

“What really improves low-pitched hire action compositions is having masters evaluate, listen, determine, deed, and repeat.”- Lauren Brittingham, Director, Organizational Development, Bayhealth

Achievers Listen is an end-to-end work involvement answer designed to give employees a voice and to entitle leadership to act on feedback in real epoch. Achievers Listen’s quick-to-deploy platform supports endless listening, feedback, and developing implements that deliver the insights needed for HR crews and parties presidents to confidently make decisions and efficiently prioritize resources so they maximize individual and organizational performance. Achievers Listen helps CEOs connect with their people, CHROs oblige data-driven decisions, and overseers contribute their teams.

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Achievers Listen is built on decades of academic and business research together with real-world field work by the Achievers Workforce Institute. The Workforce Institute lives Achievers’ research accompanieds and data scientists who have a collective focus on ensuring that every portion of functionality put in place in the stage is rooted in engagement science, ensuring that Achievers Listen patrons deploy a feedback platform that delivers real results.

Employee Engagement Software Platforms Achievers Listen DashboardAchievers Listen’s dashboard

Though most companies gather engagement data, that data is rarely translated into effective act. While administrators account for 70 percent of the deviation in employee date, they rarely use action plans, act libraries — or any effective methodology — to act on action issues.

Achievers Listen gives managers and squads all the tools they need to build a plan and collaborate on effective act. It inspires managers to follow up on penetrations in real hour by identifying areas of strength and weakness, creating an agenda to discuss these areas in a listening time with their team, and then collaboratively creating an action plan. It likewise automatically constructs exportable exhibitions for administrators when presenting key findings to their team. This collaborative coming ensures employees will buy into the plan and take collective responsibility for building the culture they want, while feeling that their voice is truly important.

” Engagement is dynamic. It deepens every day. If “youre not” continuously striving feedback from your employees, you are missing the barge .”- Tara Gronhovd, Director, Learning and Development, Coborn’s

Take a look at the video below for more information on Achievers Listen and how it has helped boost engagement across major fellowships like Blackhawk Network, Coborn’s, and ECI Software Solutions 😛 TAGEND

Coborn’s, ECI, and Blackhawk Network Level-Up Their Employee Engagement with Achievers’ Listen

2. Achievers Recognize

Achievers Recognize

The other primary factor of work booking is identification. According to research studies by Aptitude Research Partners, firms be suggested that acknowledgment has the most impact on employee engagement. Achievers has was of the view that when formations double their number of acceptances, their action orchestrates rise by an average of five percentage points. And fellowships with social recognition built into their engagement software were also four times more likely to improve stock premiums, two times more likely to improve NPS values, and two times more likely to improve individual carry-on. Recognition too helps foster an inclusive environment and sense of belonging at an organization.

Achievers Recognize is an award-winning employee identification stage that induces it easy for everyone at your firm — from managers to staff — to provide social and points-based recognition. It boasts a entertaining and easy customer know and portable abilities, so it fits into your employees’ daily workflow and is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Recognition can be delivered across channels and enlarged applying a company-wide newsfeed, and employees can like and comment on them use an intuitive user interface. Achievers Recognize integrates with other participation scaffolds like Achievers Listen and Workday, a act control solution, as well as key communication tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and Microsoft teams.

Employee Engagement Software Platforms Achievers Recognize Mobile ExperienceAchievers Recognize( portable event)

Points-based cash approval gives hires exchange levels for compensations that we are really want in the Achievers Reward Marketplace. Hires can have a recreation and energizing patronize suffer when redeeming their phases in the Marketplace, which has over 2500 world-wide symbols and expands daily. Every reward is available at their fingertips, with the option to shop across lists that include merchandise, digital and physical knack cards, ordeals, global hotel accommodations, give back, and concierge. Employees love considering their level balances develop, and the ability to combine degrees with social approval provisions an additional incentive to show appreciation daily.

With the Achievers platform, we’ve been able to house internal recognition platforms under one roof and increase positive awareness on hire and crew attainments throughout Power Design. ”- Alex Kersey, Engagement Manager, Power Design

You can tie explicitly recognition to behaviors that epitomize company importances as well, which induces hires more likely to repeat them. And Achievers Recognize includes the tools you need to measure the success of your recognition program and nip it for maximum significance. With digital observance cards anyone can sign, the ability to add gifs and photos to each recognition, a chocolate converses boast to match works for a one-on-one hangout hearing, and a “boost” feature that lets users jump into approvals and require added points to the recipient as an extra thank you, your employees will always find using the stage engaging.

Employee Engagement Software Platforms Boost feature Achievers RecognizeBoost feature

Companies that borrow Achievers Recognize — including Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, and Discoverget results. Those who have adopted Achievers Recognize are 😛 TAGEND

107 percentage more likely to give their culture of acknowledgment a high rating than organizations that don’t abuse identification technology 54 percent more likely to give a high rating of their recognition culture than clients of other engineering providers 6 times more likely than purchasers of other providers to give recognition multiple times each month 36 percentage more likely to see an increase in employee booking 36 percent more likely to rate their employer firebrand highly compared to non-tech customers

Take a peep under the hood of your peers’ recognition programs to see how yours equates .

Joanna Kalantzis, Senior Manager, Internal Communications& Engagement at Discover facilitated implement Achievers Recognize with the thought that happy works provided joyous customers. Recognize granted employees to quickly express gratitude in a meaningful route that motivated and provoked their peers.

“We know that it’s really important to demonstrate good business upshots, and what we’ve seen — and we’re very proud — that our sales have increased, customer satisfaction has improved, and all our voluntary attrition has decreased since launching our Achievers platform .”- Joanna Kalantzis, Senior Manager, Internal Communications& Engagement, Discover

Discover+ Achievers: Employee Engagement Partners

3. AscentisEmployee Engagement Software Platforms Ascentis

Ascentis is a full-suite HR software that incorporates period and attending, payroll, HR and benefits, endowment, and banking all in one platform. Centralizing all these HR-related undertakings helps automate work data tracking and ensures accuracy throughout the entire system. Ascentis is customizable as well, meaning that HR professionals can accommodate the software to fit their organization’s needs. Ascentis can even be used to keep hires safe as they adapt to the new normal.

4. Gtmhub


OKRs, or Objectives and Key Result, are a goal rectify approach employed by many of the world’s best units. Although the concept is relatively easy to understand, developing OKRs and putting them into practice is much more difficult to execute.

Gtmhub is in the business of going corporations over this protrusion with successful OKR deployments. Gtmhub performs OKR creation easy with drag, lower, and revise functionalities. Additionally, Gtmhub leaves customers the ability to crowdsource OKRs and give advice to other people just starting on their OKR journey. This collaborative endeavor feeds employee participation and allows managers to work one-on-one with their employees to ensure their needs are met and their goals are within reach.

5. Igloo Software

Igloo Software

Igloo Software is a preceding provider of digital workplace solutions that were beyond traditional intranet. It enables organizations to transform into digital workplaces, bringing together employees and resources to nurture an employee-centric culture and create a more productive and locked workforce.

Igloo Software has many pre-built solutions so that HR can start configuring their intranet right away without the help of IT. In addition, Igloo Software is constantly force the boundaries, come through here with brand-new features that procreate your intranet future proof and scalable. By combining state-of-the-art Igloo Software technology with platforms like Achievers, companies can stay ahead of the arc and continue to create an exceptional digital hire experience.

6. Lessonly


Lessonly is an eLearning stage that sanctions teams to learn and rehearsal like never before. By reimagining the training and onboarding experience, Lessonly cures fellowships deliver meaningful, purpose-built training that gets hires evoked to go to work. Lessonly can be fully customized to the needs of any organization, down to the company logo, typefaces, personas, and symbol colors. Administrators can quickly create lesson projects by dragging and descending to add text, portraits, videos, reports, and quiz questions. Directors can then assign lessons to their teams or certain individuals who can take courses on their desktop or their mobile device.

7. Limeade


Every organization should have a wellness platform to support employee well-being all year round. Limeade is a wellness solution that helps you become long-term investments in your employees with occupation evolution and cross-functional training. It fosters employees to prioritize wellness and health through well-being activities for everyone at the company. In addition, Limeade has content to help employees are more fully beings, offering gratuities on money management, stress reduction, and exercise.

The Limeade and Achievers partnership offers shared purchasers bi-directional single-sign on so that every time an employee makes a Limeade point, it automatically shows up as approval in Achievers. Limeade’s research shows that well-being is a precursor to engagement, doing the amalgamation between Achievers and Limeade the perfect marriage.

Achievers+ Limeade

8. SnackNation

Employee Engagement Software Platforms SnackNation

Not all hire commitment software has to be online. SnackNation is a subscription snack box services which are nourishes and engages your employees with healthful snacks, coffee, and outcome. Even at a time when many employees are working from dwelling, SnackNation offers a work-from-home box to give employees a entertaining event no matter where they are. SnackNation has an automated process that impels it easy for department managers to feed everyone and personalize packages to fit dietary needs. This reduces employee stress and impedes morale high-pitched, which are critical components of employee engagement.

Although snacks are always a morale booster, SnackNation moves meat so much more meaningful: with each snack casket, employees are donating a meal to a family in need.

9. Staffbase

staffbaseStaffbase is a pulpit dedicated to improving the employee experience through better communication. Staffbase specifies fast and simple digital internal communication that is ideal for business with frontline hires, remote craftsmen, or both. With employee apps and an intranet that can deliver a personalized experience for every employee, Staffbase is an excellent alternative for facilitating on-the-go hire engagement initiatives.

10. WeSpirewespire Employee Engagement Software Platforms

WeSpire is a mobile and web programme that specifically values the impact of purpose-driven employee engagement planneds. WeSpire distinguishes itself by connecting a company’s mission to safaruss that promote social impact and sustainability. With gamification and personalization, WeSpire caters its platform solely to each employee’s prices. Overall, WeSpire hopes to inspire behavior change around reasons that matter at work and in employees’ communities.

Discover how to build a value-based culture that drives business performance .

Employee engagement software features

Employee engagement software can have numerous boasts, but a great UI, reporting, customer services, and technical backing are essential features to look for in an participation tool.

Immense consumer suffer

If software is easy to use, hires will be much more likely to engage with it frequently. A decluttered, intuitive user interface originates it simple for employees to figure out how to recognize their peers, share their feedback, and redeem compensations without much educate required.

Real-time reporting

These dates every company is a data-driven company–especially when it comes to employee engagement. Engagement implements with dynamic dashboards soon foreground departments or neighborhoods doing great work and pinpoint areas of the business that could use some help. When any employee initiative is propelled, managers can quantify significant differences in commitment and fulcrum when necessary.

Mobile corroborate

Mobile support is a must-have for any employee engagement software. Many squads use remotely, traveling often, or work in the field, so it’s crucial for them to be able to participate in their participation platforms on the go, whether it’s sending a recognition or referring feedback in a pulse survey. Mobile-friendly employments likewise generally have built-in multilingual functionality, which is critical for international organizations.

Extraordinary customer service

Just like any other software, the employee engagement software you choose should have excellent customer service. If an position of the application is not working or platform admins don’t feel substantiated, the program will not reach its full potential. Your work date software provider should roll out the red carpet when it comes to customer service and they should be eager to assist when a used has questions, when a fault needs to be fixed, and when you need to brainstorm promotional safaruss to increase program activity.

Instinctive admin console

Setting up your employee engagement software should be a seamless experience. Configuring permission locations, radicals, integrations, and reporting should be straightforward out of the box. At the same time, heads should have the flexibility to customize the solution to fit the goals of their specific syndicate. It’s crucial to choose an employee engagement software provider that will be by your line-up each step of the way to ensure a smooth implementation process.

Backed by discipline

Last, but certainly not least, work booking application should be supported by science, reliable societies, and thorough research. Relying on experimented and true-blue answers that are backed by data ensures that you’re making effective action rather than wasting occasion and try. For instance, the Achievers platform is in favour of its research and insights arm, the Workforce Institute, which provides key data and recalled leadership to keep Achievers’ solution rooted in personnel science.

Learn why empowerment and trust are the keys to employee engagement .

Start individual employees involvement passage today

Picking the claim hire engagement tool can be overwhelming, but this is not the time to stall. Today’s CHROs and director HR supervisors believe that employee engagement stages that leveraging data, build interconnectedness, and drive date are more important than ever before. All works demand is to feel appraised, to express themselves, and to do meaningful wield. As stated by Cecilia McKenney, SVP and Chief Human Aid Officer at Quest Diagnostics, “it’s very important that we define and invite employees to be part of this evolving partnership-this employer hire partnership.”

The best hire participation application stages highlight acceptance and feedback in order to tackle employee criticism, celebrate work accomplishments, and help their employees feel connected to their organization’s mission and qualities. Achievers Listen and Achievers Recognize do simply that, together including all facets of a triumph hire booking program.

What is Achievers?

Using a single provider for several aspects of engagement also maintains uniformity in messaging and penetrations, consolidates curricula, and it guarantees you VIP service for the entire platform. And Achievers enables providers to integrate with other employee involvement software programmes like Igloo Software, Limeade, and WeSpire.

Reach your highest potential when it comes to employee engagement by seeking a demo of Achievers Listen or Achievers Recognize today.

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