How to arrange funds and ship cash on WhatsApp for Android

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WhatsApp Pay is launching officially this year, but in the meantime you can make payments on the messaging programme you’re in India. WhatsApp is using the country’s Unified Payments Interface( UPI) framework to facilitate coin transport. Here’s how you can get started with payments on WhatsApp.

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How to set up payments on WhatsApp for Android

To get started with fees on WhatsApp, you’ll first have to link your bank account to the service. UPI pieces chiefly with your phone number, and the service works with all major banks in India. The best part is that even if you don’t have a UPI account set up with your bank, you will be able to use the payments option as WhatsApp will create a UPI ID for you. Here’s what you need to know 😛 TAGEND

Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or dwelling screen. Select specific actions overflow menu( three vertical specks on the top right corner ).

Hit Payments.


Select Add brand-new pay method. Adopt Accept and continue to get started.

Choose your bank from the index. This should ideally be your primary UPI account.


You’ll now need to verify your phone number. Make sure that the WhatsApp number you’re exerting is the equivalent one registered with your bank account. Hit Verify via SMS to certify your bank account. Smack Allow to let WhatsApp verify that the SIM card is the one registered with your accounting.

Tap Allow again for WhatsApp to send texts to show your account.


WhatsApp is now time verify with your bank and pull out all histories registered with your amount. Select the one you’d like to use to finish setting up remittances. Thump Done to finish setting up WhatsApp Pay.

You should now recognize the fee technique be present in the payments page.


How to send fund from WhatsApp for Android

Sending money via WhatsApp is very straightforward. The pays option shown in instantly in the conversation window, and transferring money( or requesting it) is as seamless as it can get 😛 TAGEND

Select the contact you want to send money to. In the conversation window, hand-picked the excerpt icon.

Choose Payment.


Select the amount you’d like to send( you can also included a notation ). Enter your UPI PIN.

You’ll see a verification theme show up immediately in the conversation window formerly the transaction is done.


That’s all there is to it. WhatsApp will include more pieces formerly it rolls out WhatsApp Pay this year, but in the meantime you can use UPI to send and receive money from your contacts.

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