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thirteen Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $one hundred

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Everyone dreams of one day being their own boss.

Sure, having your own small business isn’t always easy, but investing in yourself, and putting all that hard work into something that will only benefit you, has many advantages. But the one thing about starting a brand-new business is the sheer cost.

But there are a lot of business notions out there that are really cheap to get up and running, plus they can be very profitable if you put in the time and effort. So there is 13 firms you can start with less than $100!

gift baskets


Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator

If you are legendary at a particular dish, conclude the best chocolate saloons in the world or have a cheesecake that your Mother would sell you for, then consider becoming a Small Batch Gourmet Food Creator! Take a sample of your wares to many cafe’s and eateries be demonstrating what you’ve got!

I know of one lady that really compiles her legendary Red Velvet Cupcakes here in Gympie, they are soooo good!

Some sentiments for gourmet small-scale batch menu ideas include 😛 TAGEND

Macarons in numerous feelings in a delightful chest Distinct chocolate bars Make your own version of Kombucha Sourdough Bread from scratch Delivery Donut Boxes

How to Advertise for Clients:

Take big slice around to the local cafes and diners Advertise on your local Business Facebook Pages Approach offering browses and home decor accumulations to sell your components( with commission) on their shop counter.

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Flat Lay Instagram Photography

If you already have a good camera, and a good see for colourings and mode, consider becoming a flat prepare Instagram photographer! Offer your services to Instagram and Facebook businesses that it is necessary to fairly photographs of their furnish. Grab unique backdrops from your neighbourhood flooring core( see if you can buy cut-offs in many different emblazons and wordings ). Photograph from overhead, glowing it perfectly and revise- and you have a beautiful Instagram Flat You that you could charge money for. Images is likely to be styled and sold from $100 plus!

Even easier than that- find a Graphic Artist online and pay them an hourly frequency for doing all the styling and photographs themselves. You then become the’ Manager’ and can sell multiple pictures to multiple customers- and even index those photographs for sale on various stock photo places. As you ripen, you can employ more graphic artists or have them for more hours. It is a extremely scalable business!

What you Can Expect to Charge Your Clients

Up to $100.00 per image- that is fully styled and revised and the persona emailed to your client.

Where to Advertise for Purchasers:

Advertise via Instagram- registering patrons your skills and tagging them in the idols Advertise on local Business Facebook Groups You could even race a trend on how to do flatlay photography!

Plus you can also sell your personas! I’ve seen them for sale on Etsy and for broth photography sites!

13 Businesses That Cost Under $100 to Start | Stay at Home Mum


Home Holiday Decorator

I adore Christmas, but don’t peculiarly like putting up the Christmas medallions- or taking them down for that matter! If you admire doing this kind of job, and can create the perfect Christmas Tree, why not work during the holidays doing this kind of work. But when you think about it, it isn’t just households that put up Christmas Decorations, approach local commercial businesses and shopping centres to see if you can tender for their celebration work.

You can also have a’ Take Down’ work for after Christmas( for an additional cost- of course !).

Work isn’t just limited to Christmas. Other ideas include 😛 TAGEND

Minors Birthday Party Decorators Making the Home Suitable for Sale( House Styler) Commercial purposes like chunks or dances Wedding Stylist

How to Advertise for Patients:

Advertise on regional Business Pages in your province, depicting them images of your work Ask one of your more’ high-profile’ clients to share it with their friends and family Approach your local dwelling decor storages and ask if you can leave a leaflet at their bar!

Some buyers might even get you to purchase the medallions for the number of jobs! Grab them wholesale from the following address retailers 😛 TAGEND

The Christmas Warehouse

13 Businesses You Can Start That Cost Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum

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Small Business Marketing

You don’t need a degree in Marketing to do some small-minded magnitude work for neighbourhood businesses in your province. If you have loadings of contacts, nifty directions on promoting a business and loadings of get up and go – you can become a Small Business Marketer.

What You Will Need:

If you have a computer, a diary, a phone and ideally a vehicle- that’s it. And most people have those already so there isn’t really any spend at all!

How to Get Clients:

Approach small businesses with your frequencies and a business card. Look at neighbourhoods like inns, small region shops, bowling alleys or skating rinks. Think about what is the best way to promote their business and put together a one-page marketing plan on how you would go about it.

Best E-Commerce Store for Start-Ups | Stay at Home Mum

Home Organiser

If your filing cabinet is a work of art and you can sort other peoples pantries or wardrobe’s, perhaps consider becoming a Home Organiser! Word of cheek is important here! Plus Instagramming likeness of your excellent finished errand will soon create a cult following!

Advertise on regional errand councils, hand out flyers to the local daycare centres and academies, and am speaking to other Mum’s that are too busy to do the job themselves!

How to Advertise for Purchasers:

Approach neighbourhood accountants who could possibly have patrons that would need your services. Instagram your finished office and label parties that they are able to you love to work with.

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Morning School Run Coordinator

Got a large vehicle? Are you always reliable, good with babies and available? Then perhaps consider becoming a morning school operate coordinator! Loads of Mums have to work- and they have to leave for succeed before they can get the kids to school- and if the kids are in late primary and high school- and you are going in that direction- perhaps approach Mums to do the getaway and fall away in the mornings. Even consider doing school lunches for the kids too to’ Up-sell’ your business.

Of course, you will require a Blue Card and appropriate car tushes in your vehicle.

How to Advertise for Buyers:

Advertise at your neighbourhood academy through the newsletter. If you have a larger vehicle with numerou seats, approach neighbourhood childcare centres to do the getaway and put of controls.

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Mobile Spray Tanner

If you can give yourself an terrifying brown at home, why not look at buying the minimum equipment and start a Mobile Spray Tanning business. You don’t need any suitabilities- precisely to be able to travel to clients homes to give them a beautiful brown on demand!

Mine Tan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit Generation 2 Pink

What rig will you need:

Pick up a small Spray Tan Kit plus some good quality tan solution. We cherish the Bondi Sands brand.

A tanning tent is helpful more to ensure any over-spray doesn’t get all over the bathroom but you can always use a shower curtain.

How much can you charge?

A superb tan in the privacy of your own home, you can charge clients $50.00

Where to find customers?

Put a magnetized sign on your vehicle- this is a great free road to get local interest. Likewise look at including an advertisement in neighbourhood institution newsletters.

Become a Professional Youtuber

This is the dream of many eight time old boys, but if you have the time and dedication to plan a topic, do regular talks and must be established your public – you too can make money by has become a Youtuber.

How it Makes:

You build up your congestion on Youtube. Once you have over 4000 beliefs in a one month period, Youtube will offer you an amount per month! The higher your traffic- the more you been paid. You are also welcome to get concoction endorsements and do speaking tours.

The hard-handed persona is building that initial traffic.

What You Is necessary:

A good computer, video revising software and a big personality!

Next you need to map out what your content will be, how your Youtube episodes are laid out and spring. Watch many of the current professional You tubers for some opinions on what is current.

Consistency and listening to what your adherents require is the key to success. Expect to lay in gigantic hours for not a lot of money for the first six to 12 months.

Become a Professional Youtuber | Stay at Home Mum

Freelance Writer for Blogs and Websites

There are millions of blogs and websites out there now … and they are all screaming for good quality content. So if you can write about a particular topic, have access to a computer and the internet- perhaps start approaching many blogs to see if you can become a guest writer. Expect to be paid anywhere from $20- $200 per commodity, depending on quality and mode!

Places to start writing for cash right off 😛 TAGEND

iWriter Stay at Home Mum Upwork

Or we have a list of 100+ Websites that are able to remuneration you to write articles !

Writing Ebooks is also a great doctrine for originating money!

Ebooks are 30- 50 page’ snippets’ of rich knowledge condensed into a downloadable carton. The beauty of ebooks is that you can sell the same item over and over again- without depleting any asset! There are consignments of places you can sell your ebook- we even have an Ebook on How to Sell Ebooks !

How to Create and Sell Ebooks for a Profit - Stay at Home Writing and Selling Ebooks for Profit can be very lucrative if you get the right topic! Pet Daycare or Pet Sitter

We all passion our pets. And we want them to be happy. If you have a lovely fenced garden and lots of love and snuggles to give, consider becoming a pet daycare Mum. Have your purchasers drop off their wool babies in the morning, and give them ladens of compassion and notice during the day. Send your client modernize photo’s about the pets epoch, and render start a Facebook Page showing how much fun your guest pets will have at your target!

You can expect to charge from $20 per epoch per animal.

How to Find Clients:

Approach regional veterinarian clinics to see if you can leave circulars on their counter tops. Pet Food Accumulation are also a great way to advertise. Start a Facebook Page for your Daycare Centre and upright consignments of personas of cuteness.

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Hold Cooking Classes

If you can realize spaghetti from scratch that people rave over, or cakes and prostitutes that you’d sell your Grandmother for, what about schooling others how to reach your dishes! If you have a nice and functional kitchen and big courses, you can do this at home! Prepare a list of laminated recipes and ingredients to give each patient for each lesson. Provide the ingredients and get cooking- at the end, sit down to all enjoy the outcome of the your labour together!

Cooking class ideas include 😛 TAGEND

Cheese Making Classes( or sell Cheese Making Kits) Fermented Food Classes Baking Basic Cooking for Beginners

13 Businesses You Can Start Today Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Make Your Own Bespoke Handmade Cosmetics

More and more beings “re looking for” vegan, handmade cheek ointments, creams and moisturisers to use for themselves and their family. But did you know you can start your own line of handmade cosmetics for under $100!

If you use quantities of beautiful natural parts that are in demand, “ve been coming” with beautiful branding, you are able to conclude your own and have them for sale on Instagram or Etsy. You can pick up gears and the ingredients from reputable suppliers such as Green Living Australia

We recommend the following for beings to begin on a fund!

Mineral Makeup Kit nappy cakes


This kit does beautiful mineral makeup that is suitable for use on confidential surface including children and parties with allergies. The kit procreates Mineral Makeup Power, Liquid Foundation, Contour Sticks, Concealer, Blush and Bronzer.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Kit

Hmmm cocoa butter is such a yummy ingredient, particularly for the cheeks!

pet daycare


House Cleaning

If you have a reliable vehicle, some basic cleaning concoctions and a lot of get up and depart, live cleanse is one of the easiest businesses to start. Advertise your services on noticeboards and by word of mouth( tell your neighbourhood hairdresser !)- and get cleaning.

Happy clients are usually willing to pay $ 30/ hour. You could blame more if you choose to have natural products or move vegan, or naked.

This is great seasonal work coming up to Christmas. Many parties don’t have the time( or force) to do a full house clean before their dwelling is full of visitors.

Where to Advertise for Buyers:

Local Facebook Pages Approach regional cleanup companies that may want additional staff over the Christmas period.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd:

Offer Green Cleaning alternatives with all environmentally friendly cleaning produces!

13 Businesses To Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Take and Sell Your Photographs on Stock Photography Websites

Even if you are an amateur photographer, furnish photography websites are always looking for brand-new idols. It “couldve been” any topic you affection! Once your photo is uploaded to one of the many photography websites, you can sell the same image again and again and again! If one get viral, you could make a LOT of fund!

Stock photography you could sell your epitomes to include 😛 TAGEND

Shutterstock iStockphoto Getty Images Adobe Stock Alamy Fotomoto Crestock PhotoShelter

How to Stand out from the Crowd:

Stick to a niche marketplace- and stick with what you charity. Ideas for niches include 😛 TAGEND

Baking Photo’s Nature Eco-Friendly Little Things

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Start a Local Website or Newspaper

Do you know what is going on in their own communities? Perhaps start a Facebook Page about all the things happening, acts for girls, brand-new businesses and functions, and keep the community involved. Once it is up and running, you could start charging advertising space on either an internet site or start a basic newspaper that you can distribute to regional businesses.

You can include neighbourhood floors, promote incidents had taken place in your place or even hinder people up to date during a disaster.

Where to Find Advertisers:

You will need to build up your public first, but has only one’ Advertising Page’ that can list all the services you can do such as patronized storeys, website flags or aimed at promoting an event.

13 Businesses You Can Start Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Make Unique Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make a wonderful gift for brand-new Mums or business people as they can be totally personalised. If you are good at putting together beautiful offering baskets and photographing them, maybe sell them online and present your services to other locals who may also enjoy your gift baskets. Other parts that you could do include Nappy Cakes and Chocolate Bouquets.

You can even start selling your offering baskets on Etsy !

13 Businesses You Can Start For Under $100 | Stay at Home Mum


Unique Tea Blend Creator

Tea is so red-hot right now. If you have a good palette for spiced tea’s, why not look at creating your very own blend of tea and selling it for a profit. For under $100 you could purchase a few teas to blend and keep the packaging excessively simple. I’ve even understood tea coalesces sold in test tube receptacles which are super cute. You could sell your new tea fusion at a neighbourhood marketplace, on Etsy or precisely is the beginning your very own Facebook Page. Have influencers try your tea.

These are really popular impressions for uniting promotes more!

You can purchase tea from reputable vendors( you must have top quality !) such as 😛 TAGEND

T2 Tea has teas and tools and also offers Afterpay. Kusmi Tea is a indulgence tea supplier based in Paris.

You can pick up clear test tubes with show-stoppers from 😛 TAGEND

In the Clear is an Etsy Store that sells 6 tubes for AU $6.90 Elves N Fairies has plastic test tubes with a metal screwing meridian.

Wrap them in bubble-wrap to affix with a little twine tie and name- and you are designated!

tea in test tube sold on Etsy | Stay at Home Mum


If you are passionate about becoming your own boss, is taking the step and get it on! Many of these business plans are perfect to start on the side, and you can work your practice up as you get busier and busier!

Make Second Hand Furniture Fabulous!

Look at buying a few sections of furniture from Ebay or local Buy, Swap and Sell Pages. Then buy a few cases flowerpots of Chalk Paint- this dye is brilliant as you don’t need to sand the furniture firstly, really contribute it a coat, beach, then supplemented a waxy coat over the top- and your furniture get from drab to fab! You can buy chalk paint from most equipment stores.

Even better if you are handy with a seam machine and can re-upholder old chair accommodates etc.

Furniture is always fairly high-demand and by making use of it look great, you could easily doubled or triple your money!

Where to Buy Second Hand Furniture:

There are actually loadings of immense lieu to look such as 😛 TAGEND

Ebay Gumtree Local Facebook Buy Swap and Sell Page Trading Post Advertise in regional newspapers Thrift Supermarket Garage Sales

Where to Sell Your Furniture:

You can look at selling your furniture at local markets, Etsy, Ebay, Gumtree, advertise in your local newsletters or even approach furniture accumulations in your arena to see if they will sell your produces on committee!

Image result for porch swing chalk paint

Remember to Are contributing to our Tenacious Business Development Group on Facebookfor more detailed information on starting a small business!

13 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $100

If you want to start selling online, need help with marketing approaches, social media, website growth, content creation, video product and much more! We could help you to start your business online! Please click here .

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